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Medusan Mutation

Katashan left behind his past; all the good and the bad, including his belief that the gods would help him in a time of need. Moving to a new land, he has every intention of starting a new life. What he finds, though, is the body of a woman sacrificed at the foot of a statue to a benevolent goddess. The small settlement on the world of Caliente is suffering from a devastating drought and the two segments of the population are coming to blows over the remaining water. Someone has to be daring to keep everyone alive and Carmen del Santo Palo, a leader of one of the gangs, is reluctantly taking up the challenge.
Marisha had to face the truth when her best friend drove the car that purposely hit Gian and put him in a wheelchair. Now, a year later, the pain of that time is triggered again by an unexpected death and questions Marisha never thought to ask. Andradora has been ruled by women since the first landing, but that's changing. Britta is a registered and professional bounty hunter on the path of a dangerous criminal and she is about to learn what equality means when she discovers that the world's first male bounty hunter has gotten in ahead of her.

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