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Writing Science Fiction: What If!. by Lazette Gifford (Aber Writers Guides)Writing Science Fiction: What If!

by Lazette Gifford

(Aber Writers Guides)

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Lord Micalus Raventower is a genius at creating clockwork creatures and tinkering with steampunk engines, but that doesn’t explain why Atiran assassins are suddenly intent on killing him. Lt. Merriweather is assigned to protect Lord Raventower, a role she initially resents since it takes her away from the castle and any chance of advancement to the King's Guard.

Trouble is brewing for the city of Kamere. Atrian warships stand off the coast, and there are enemies even within the ranks of the nobility itself. Merriweather and the eccentric young lord will have quite a job keeping him alive as well as hiding his more unusual secrets. She soon learns there may be very good reasons for the Atrians to want Lord Raventower dead.

Ebook Version: $4.99 Amazon / Smashwords



War has come to the city of Kamere. The Atrian ships are blockading the coast and occasionally landing troops in attempts to either take the city or to capture some of Sedina's coastline.

The villages inland are in chaos, food supplies are already growing scarce, and several areas of the city are in ruins. However, the Sedina forces -- Army, Navy, and Air Patrol -- are keeping the mass of Atrians out.

Atrian assassins are still trying to kill Lord Raventower. More worrisome than that, however, is the Atrian's dangerous interest in the object lying on the ocean floor near Raventower itself.

Clockwork giant spiders, glowing women -- family dinner gatherings with the Merriweathers -- Micalus Raventower is not certain even the redoubtable Captain Merriweather and his clockwork creations can keep him safe from all the trouble he's attracting.

Ebook Version: $4.99 Amazon / Smashwords

Big business and archeology don’t mix!

Lee went to prison for the murder of a young woman, but five years later the true killer had been found and he was free again. His wife had remarried and taken their son with her. His parents had gone back to Greece. With nothing to tie him to the East Coast, Lee heads for the American Southwest on a whim.

There he meets Cheveyo Rey, the owner of a piece of land others want to bulldoze for a new high-end elitist community. Lee and Chev are willing to fight to protect the land and the unusual archeology finds discovered there.

Unfortunately, the Red Sun Corporation is willing to kill for what they want.

Ebook Version: $4.99 Amazon / Smashwords

Trade Paperback Version: $14.95 HERE

Kostin Helena
has been assassinated!

The death of such an influential man affects not only the powerful Five Families that control the world of Caine’s Hold, but also creates trouble for the off-world appointed Chief Magistrate, Tartina Altay. While she works to contain the riots and worse that tear apart the capital city, Baran Helena, Kostin’s unpopular successor, pushes to take command of the entire world, no matter what the cost.

However, Kostin had a second son.

Kostanos Helena escaped Helena House the night his father died. Addicted to the drug Soft, and living precariously as a street singer, Kostanos survives because Baran believes his brother has escaped off-world, while Altay is convinced the younger Helena must be dead.

Unfortunately, as long as Helena House stays in Baran’s hands, nothing will get better, and it may be that Kostanos is the only hope of survival for Caine’s Hold.

Ebook Version: $3.99 Amazon / Smashwords

Trade Paperback Version: $14.95 HERE

In a future filled with starships, a gathering of Norse gods sail far wider oceans than they had in the ancient past. When members of the Chinese pantheon abduct one of the Norse, it will take all of Odin's skills to convince an estranged Loki to help get her back.

Ebook Version: $3.99 Amazon / Smashwords

Trade Paperback Version: $14.95 HERE

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